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The Gear Box 02K

Picture doesn't show a 02K gearbox

... if is probably the most famous gear which was one day produced for several vehicles represented on German streets. Obstructed in all gulf IV, Audi A3 and various Seat models it has attained sad fame.

Because of the fragile design of the rivets that connect crown wheel and differential the rivets tear off and the transmission becomes a total loss.

That magnificent constructional flaw is well known out of the media so that we spare the details. The flaw was remedied in 2001. Since 10/07/2001 the rivets diameter is 11mm instead of 9mm.

It remains to be seen, if this flaw is turned off once and for all.

A second aggravating flaw is not turned off up to today: The arbor in the differentials, which holds the planetary wheels, is only secured by a 4.8mm grooved pin. The pin shears off in many cases and the arbor can slide out of the differential unhindered. (See Deficiencies)

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